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Sarc-Off Salbe aus England

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Sarc-Off Salbe aus England

Beitrag#1von Eline » 9. Mär 2008 15:11

I used sarc-off which is from the vet. It is a relatively new treatment. It is a cream which comes from a plant. In America it is sold as xxterra but in Britain it is Sarc-off. Here is a copy of fact sheet.

Data Sheet SARC-OFF

Presentation A thick brown ointment containing bloodroot (Sanguineria canadensis) and zinc chloride.
Uses Skin conditioner and blemish remover.
Application Wearing gloves, apply daily to the affected area for four to six days.
Contra-indicationsand warnings Causes drying of the skin: wear gloves to apply this product. Keep out of reach of children. For application to animals only.
Legal category None applicable: SARC-OFF is a cosmetic product.
Package quantities Glass jars containing 28.5 grammes.
Marketed by Forum Products Ltd41-51, Brighton RoadRedhill, SurreyRH1 6YSUnited KingdomTel : 01737 781416Fax : 01737 779382
Email : animal.health@forumgroup.co.uk
Website : http://www.forumanimalhealth.co.uk

It cost me about £110 inc vat. It is a very small jar but you only use the tiniest smear over the sarcoid as it is very powerful stuff. I used it for six days once a dya. She had quite a general reaction to it in her immune system but it is not as aggressive as the liverpool cream and you can apply it yourself saving a fortune on vet call out charges which is why the liverpool cream is so expensive way to treat it. My horses sarcoid came right off after a couple of weeks and it left a clean hole which was slightly indented. The wound closed up little by little each day till after a week it was totally closed and has healed up leaving no real scar or white hair on my black horse. I would strongly recommend this cream and I have loads left for any future sarcoids that might crop up. My mares sarcoid was in front of udders. It was inside at first and after a year the sarcoid came throught the surface and that is the best time to treat them. Always check with a vet before doing any treatment to a sarcoid. Trying things on your own or messing with them in any way can result in them being spread and making matters far worse.
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